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About Famagusta

Famagusta with its superb golden sandy beaches, has become a big draw for sunseekers over the years. But this part of the island traditionally remains the market garden of Cyprus, with the well-known Cyprus potato being the prominent crop. Ayia…

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Discover Cyprus

The purchase of property at home, let alone abroad is, for the majority of people, the largest purchase made in their lifetime. It is therefore prudent to ensure that before you commit yourself to such an outlay that you have…

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Cyprus Weather

MONTH AIR SEA Temperature C Temperature C January 16.6 16.4 February 16.0 16.9 March 18.4 17.3 April 22.8 18.6 May 27.2 21.0 June 30.5 24.0 July 33.3 26.3 August 33.6 27.7 September 30.8 26.6 October 27.3 25.1 November 22.9 21.9…

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